$1,000,000 Prize Lie

     The James Randi Educational Foundation prize offer of $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove 
paranormal (psychic, read minds, a medium who can hear ghosts etc. (me), telekinesis, dowsing, . . .) activity could be a lie!  I proved possessors from the next world lands (a different state of matter that reacts to your thoughts) = landios, exist!  And the possessors proved it by making the Amazing Randi itch for several minutes in front of everyone (several witnesses).  The Amazing itcher!  I told him they would go into his body and make him itch.  And they did.  But he claimed it was a coincidence.

Here is a letter I sent to them (JREF.ORG) and Mr. James Randi. On September 9/16/2015  Wednesday.  12:55 pm.

     Here is what happened when I won the prize, and proved possessors exist:


 To James Randi, and JREF,  

          In a month (prediction that all the trees will die on the planet after 10/20/15) you'll probably yell: "It's just a coincidence, it's a coincidence, the trees just stopped growing about when you sed, because it was random chance."

      Just like last time I won the million dollar challenge, about 10 ? years ago.  You sed it was a coincidence when possessors went into your body and you couldn't stop itching for over a minute, up to 2 minutes?.  I told you, you would itch because of possessors.  The possessors kept making you itch, moving your arms and hands in front of everyone, several witnesses and me, itching your chest area, the possessors in your muscles nerves – putting their energy into your muscles to make them move.  Too much for you to overrule.  Your left arm and hand moving up and down, across your chest to itch your chest area below your white shirt, not trying to itch through your thick suit coat.  Didn't stop the whole time you kept talking "It's a coincidence!"  You didn't stop.  If I wasn't possessors, why did you itch in front of me?  When I claimed you would itch, for me to get the million dollars?  So why did you itch so much for over a minute or two?  In front of everyone.  Normally don't you control your self, control your itching in public?  So many big itches, big movements of your arm and hands, long distances across your chest, over and over and over.  Has this ever happended to you before?  Itched so much in public, in front of everyone, wittnesses who could tell what they saw?  If a coincidence, then you must itch each day, for a chance for it to go off, be activated, for your "normal" itch of minutes in front of others. You must have many witnesses that have seen you each day itch for minutes.  Each day for years?  When, what age did you start to itch for minutes a day in front of others, other co-workers at work, at the foundation. You were itching as I sed you would, as I told you that possessors would be in your body to make you itch.  So you tried to come up with a reason why it was not true, not what I told you what it was.  I have been possessed off and on by possessors who found my house for over  10, ten years,  and itching is one way they get alignment on your nerves, alignment on your body to move it and feel though it, and get in your brain to think and feel the body,   Some possessors ave no nerves left, can't feel anymore, so they feel itching though humans they find on Earth.  They found you, they knew how.  They volunteered for me/us, to prove life exist in another world.  A world where some do not get to a heavan, so they roam the Earth looking for something to do.  They can't find food, so they want to eat, so they go in humans on Earth to pretend to eat in a body, sensing the food some, but not getting all the good taste, the electricity in the nerves that carries the taste bud sensations split between two humans, so less taste.  The possessor aligned on the nerves, so he can move the mouth some and tongue some, and swallow muscles are moved by possessors a lot, trying to get their body's and mind's frequency on the person on Earths' body.  So the body starts to contain the possessor.  one in each world.  So you itched for minutes, do you usually do that? Each day, so you can claim you do itch, but the time was a coincidence?  Why haven't you made a doctor appointment for your severe itching problem.  Any check receipts from those doctor appointments for you to stop itching for minutes in front of people, that you might have made if you really did itch this much before being possessed?  Did you happen to itch for minutes many days for years?  And then it started again exactly when on the day and appointment I told you it would?  how many witnesses do you have to verify, prove, you have itched for minutes for years in front of people?  If it was random coincidence of your itching habit going off, then what would be the mathematical odds of it being chance?  Maybe you itch once a day in front of people, your co-workers, volunteers or foundation employees.  So that would be two minutes constant itching everyday in an 8, eight hour time frame, in an eight hour day.  So there are 8 hours x(times) 60 minutes = 480 minutes.  480 /(divided by) 2 minutes = 240 times to itch constantly continuously, all the time for 2 minutes, a day.   So odds to itch at any time 240 to 1(one)?  Odds to predict the itch time?  I "predicted" (knew it would happen probably) at the meeting time.  And it did.  If coincidence: 480 minuets / 3 minutes =  160.  So 160 to 1 odds that it was a Coincidence .   It started immediately as you entered the door to the room.  These coincidences are accurate I think, provided you itched like that every day.  If not, then the first time in your life itched chest constantly for about two, 2, minutes:  which would be a coincidence of millions to one.  You lived about 77 years, which is 77 x 365 days/year x 24 hours/day x 60 minutes/hour = 40,471,200 minutes.   So odds that you would itch constantly for two, 2, minutes right when I told you would, would be 40,471,200 / 2 minutes = 20,235,600 minute periods.  So odds are a 20,235,600 to 1 chance it was coincidence! 

          Possessors exist.  They are from the next world lands (a different state of matter), where people's lighter density matter bodies go to, after that body comes out of the Earth body at death.  Looking like the Earth body in most cases, unless the person was bad or homosexual – then they look like devils (The men reincarnating into the U.S.A. wanted a hell, if they decided to be homosexual – so less of a chance of them deciding that again).  Then, if you have a religion, the religion moves you up to their heavan.  Or you can wonder the earth, but not supposed to go in other’s houses, or buildings.  Eventually you might get found by a next world land to live.

       Why not give me the $1,000,000 prize now?  I won it.  You must remember it.  If I win twice, maybe you owe me $2,000,000.  Please consider giving me the $1,000,000 now.

Thank you for reading,

Good luck,

John N Maguire III   


PS  FYI  Possessors get many future lives of worse taste buds, so the food doesn't taste as good, for possessing people.


Posted 9/18/15

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