USE PRESTIGIOUS CLASSY SOUNDING WORDS.  Like Nuances, bouquet, vintage Cabernet, subtle tastes, spice, exquisite, Sophisticated, gold medal winner

GET IN THE DIRT WINE.  (leaves you with a damaged brain to think with, and a weezy                               dizzy mind, sensing only dirt you see, no or few next                                    world memories.)

BRAIN DAMAGE “ACID” BUBBLY.  (alcohol is a solvent, a chemical that dissolves other                                    chemicals) 

SOON TO BE DEAD LIVER ROT JUICE. (alcohol causes liver disease, kills 75,000 a year) 


     Some people develop a like for alcohol and start to think it tastes good after a while.  It does not.  The taste buds are programmed to detect poisons. and poisons taste bad.  The alcohol is a poison. their desire and like for, they convince themselves that it taste good, or maybe their taste bud nerves have been hurt, damaged by the alcohol and its releasing of acetylcholine molecules in the nerves which help transmit taste sensations.  Acetylcholine molecules "tired" of being made again going back into the nerves.  So they taste less or nothing, and make up "taste great".   An affection affliction? Or numbed taste buds?

     "Gee, my beer taste lousy."  "Guess I'll try that one."

     Tasting foul smelling, months old, bacteria infested, rotted juices of grain and fruits; will destroy much of your brain, lower your intelligence and harm your body. 


     Ad method: Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. "A lie often repeated has a way of sticking," said a Communist defector. After you see an ad on television or in a magazine, 20, 30, 50 times, you may start to believe it; if you don't think to yourself "that's what they want me to think" maybe. 

THE OUTDOOR AD                                                                  

     Advertising on signs.  Billboards to drive past each day.  In a few years, you have seen it over a 1000 times.  Booze signs at stadiums.  On buses.  On blimps.  On trucks.  At store windows.
       Giant fifty feet tall inflatable beer cans.  Leaves a big memory in a person's brain, from a big thing.
       Big rubber beer cans .        


      An advertisement may create an image of prestige, glamour, sophistication and high class, over poisonous deadly fermented malodorous hydrocarbon rot gut hooch.  The booze is displayed with people wearing expensive clothes; big houses and exotic cars, high class, private jets, chauffeured limousines.


     After work, a bar outside the factory.  Soon everyone is smiling with morphine drug chemicals from the hops flower buds.  Numbing them out, till the booze nerve electrical flow stopper chemical keeps sensations, pains, from being transmitted to the brain.  Feels good.  Feeling no pain.  Then they want more, but they'll puke and vomit all over the place, so they stop drinking and go back to pain.   
     Both groups, prestige and work, of beer buyers brain cells are destroyed at an equal rate. 


        Making up 'premium quality" and supposedly finer ingredients, to get people to buy a more expensive brand of booze, as they want to think they are consuming the best.  Yet the stinking overpriced booze still contains the same poisons as the "lower quality" solvent chemical fungicide dissolves many things -alcohol.
       Gold foil wrappers hide the poisons of alcohol, with an image of best and better than other brain shrinking brands of booze.  The ad may say: "You deserve the best".  Booze is the worst. The best of the worst, is still the
worst.   The gold foil, and other sparkling wrappers, get people's attention, possibly affecting the pituitary gland's light reaction to make happy hormones for the brain, but it is most likely happy to see something other than leaves and dirt, which has been for hundreds of lives as Indians and cavemen and no electricity farmers. Or maybe people like shiny things. 

More Alcohol ad tricks to come.  9/26/15

The End

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