A message for religions

       I am a religion-founder-medium and have had help from the next world of lighter density: matter and bodies (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock") to hear many people, and past lives* in the next world, and I have seen it too at times.  
       I have heard from them what happens to men who decide to be gay, and if your church is thinking of allowing "same sex marriages".  FYI:  In America and some other countries, when a man or male teenager decides to be gay, the next world lighter density body contained inside the Earth body they are born with, starts to look like a devil.  Then upon death, they go to a hell and then wait to be picked up by a "low plain" next world "land".  Then they learn to like women again and be normal.  And they usually learn that they planned to have children and marry a women - usually one that they knew before they were born.  Planned it before they were born, while alive in the next world before they reincarnated.  They talked to their future children and gave them permission to be born through them. (So be nice to your parents if you want to be born through them again!)   They usually get sad that they didn't get their children born and marry the woman they wanted to marry.  
       The major order (organization) that helped make the planet Earth, told me that publicity should not be given to gays, or it causes more men to decide to be gay.  So you might want to be sure not to mention gays, or some of your "straight" members could turn into a gay.  Not nice or good, for children to hear either.  Might give them thoughts, start thinking marriage thoughts before their time, and they leave their high happy toy mind.   
       Male gays in general tend to be aligned with a hell, and they tend to lose their life energy to it.  So male gay members might drain your other members life energy from them.  
       Anyway, please don't give publicity to gays, or it could cause more gays and hurt children.

*To read about past lives go to TrueBillofRights.com/Page_2.html 

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