Alcohol overdose?

How to Recover from too much alcohol.

& What to do if a possible alcohol overdose:

       In the 1930's, raw eggs were eaten after too much alcohol was drunk, to sober up.  This has become an "old wives tale".  But here are the scientific facts why it works:   Eggs contain lecithin, which is used by the brain to make the nerve neurotransmitter "acetylcholine".  Acetylcholine helps move electricity along the nerves to the heart and lungs and other muscles.  Restoring acetylcholine levels to a pre-drunk state, helps improve coordination to sober up.  
       Part of the brain transmits electricity along nerves for the heart and lungs to work.  When alcohol is drunk, acetylcholine molecules from the nerves and brain are released into the blood, causing less molecules to help transmit electricity needed for heart and lung muscles to work, and muscles to move accurately.  If too much alcohol is drunk(an overdose), then much more acetylcholine molecules are taken out of nerves, and the brain can't transmit electricity anymore to the heart and lungs, and the heart and lungs can stop working, killing an overdoser.  Also too much alcohol causes less acetylcholine for the brain to use to move arm and leg muscles precisely, causing uncoordinated and crashed cars.  Or the taking out acetylcholine molecules, could cause the brain to not be able to store and then distribute electricity to the nerves, -affecting part of the brain, and not the nerves.  I read that acetylcholine was a nerve transmitter, -along the nerves? -yes, plus from a part in the brain where it's needed to transmit?  So is overdose death caused by a lowering of acetylcholine in the nerves; or in a part of the brain that transmits electricity to the nerves?  I'll try to find out.  Either way, alcohol can take out needed electrical transmitter acetylcholine, and then cause the heart and or lungs to stop.  

      A New way to try to save the life of an alcohol overdoser.  
       Instead of, or in addition to raw eggs:  If conscious, take maybe 5 to 10 lecithin pills (available at most drug or nutrition stores).  Best to chew the pills first to release the lecithin quickly, instead of waiting for your stomach to dissolve the pill case.  If unconscious, put the fluid from lecithin pills, into the mouth of an unconscious alcohol overdoser.  Although they are supposed to be on their sides in case they throw up, so they wont choke on vomit.  Figure out how to get some of the lecithin on the tung and gums.  Some of the lecithin should be absorbed through the gums and tung, into the brain by the blood stream, to the basil forebrain brain cells where the neurotransmitter acetylcholine can be made from lecithin.  This will give the body and brain more "metal"(nerve electricity transmitting chemicals) to transmit more electricity to the heart and lung muscles, so they don't stop.  Although this might not get enough lecithin into the blood stream, so maybe try a hospital where they could force some lecithin into the stomach using a tube - when and if hospitals adopt this method.  But it could take a half hour or more to get there, so it might be worth a chance while waiting.    

       Injections of lecithin might be faster than digestion, and could get to improve the electrical nervous system of the body faster.  It should tested to see the effect, and if good, be made for hospitals and clinics and doctors and nurses to have.  The acetylcholine made from the lecithin by the basil forebrain would be moved to the rest of the brain,  to transmit electricity better to heart and lung muscles' nerves for the lungs and heart to work.   The part of the brain that makes the sparks of nerve transmitting electricity would work better too, having better "wiring" to transmit, because you have to move some electricity on "wires" (nerves), which uses acetycholine to flow on.  And then electricity has to be stored somewhere (there must be a "battery" in the body or brain?) for releases of  short sparks of electricity for a heart beat, or a longer transmission for a lung inhale. 
     GIVE THE OVERDOSER LECITHIN PILLS FROM THE DRUG STORE OR GROCERY STORE.  An overdoser could take the pills - which would get the most lecithin in the body the fastest,  and some food would add strength to the body so some eggs and maybe a can of tuna fish. (although cooked eggs and tuna fish or other fish, (because fish is high in lecithin and choline - both used to make acetylcholine) would be in a solid state, which takes longer to break down and get the lecithin molecules; so raw eggs would be better because it would be in a liquid state to get many lecithin molecules into the blood stream).  The body must have these chemicals to start making acetylcholine, to get stronger nerve impulses from the brain to the lungs.  More acetylcholine molecules is like adding a bigger wire for electricity to flow through, for electricity from the brain to the lungs and heart.  Magnesium is also used for nerve transmission, so it would not hurt to add some magnesium pills.  Magnesium has also been shown to prevent heart attacks which might occur under this stress.  Lecithin and magnesium are not stored in large available amounts.  So it is important they eat and/or take pills as soon as possible. -The body does not have a large saved up supply of it, to use for the heart and lungs.  Also a multivitamin wouldn't hurt, to get some of the vitamins back in the body that the alcohol took out. 

     Near the center of the brain, in the basil forebrain, a small group of 100,000 cells that produce the body coordination chemical acetylcholine (Source Science News magazine). Alcohol destroys these cells, causing less of the coordination chemical to be able to be made. Less coordination chemicals, then less coordination and control of body muscles and body movement: more chance of car accidents. Marijuana does not harm these brain cells, does not destroy them. So they are all there to make coordination chemicals. 100% together, non-damaged.
      Alcohol destroys, breaks down, takes apart the cell wall of brain cells. Then everything in the cell pours out into the blood of the brain to be disposed of (Source Science News magazine).

Where or what part of the brain stores electricity for transmission blips to the body (for muscles to move)?
How many acetylcholine molecules missing in a row does it take to cause no electrical transmission from the brain to the muscles?
the muscles start to act as a electrical resistor, limiting and lowering the amount of electricity reaching the heart and lung muscles, causing them to move slower ("slow breathing develops and eventually stops")  It takes more electricity to move muscles more, deeper, and faster -  So the lungs are getting less electricity from the brain, possibly caused by the less amount of nerves that have enough acetylcholine to move the electrons along the wire (nerves).   Must be more than one nerve, or people would die easily from a small shortage of neurotransmitter acetylcholine molecules in the one nerve - perhaps only a few drop out in a space, in a nerve, and that could stop the electricity from the brain.  Like a cut wire, the electricity can't go on anymore:  the space from the cut being too big, for a spark to jump across.   

More Notes:
          "So to save the lives of alcohol overdose people, injections of pure acetylcholine into the bloodstream should make their hearts and lungs move strongly, ...."  -this is wrong, I found out after doing a search for "injection of acetylcholine" and:
From : 
"An injection of acetylcholine or the stimulation of the parasympathetic induces:
Bradycardia, even transitory discontinuation of heart beats (vagal escape) by sinus effect.
decrease of atrioventricular conduction.
decrease of the strength of atrium contractions.
Cardiac slowing is explained at least partly by cellular hyperpolarisation resulting from opening of potassium channels linked to the G proteins and potassium exit out of the cell, inducing an increase in polarization. " 

       It, the injection, must cause a spreading out of the electricity over the muscle, instead of being in the main muscle activation nerves - it dilutes the electricity, so it slows the heart muscle.   Too many molecules from a pure injection, so electricity goes everywhere all over the muscle tissue, so it does not help with the brain transmission of electricity in the usual nerves used. It has to be put in the usual nerves to work, and that takes time to deposit it there.  Injecting it spreads it all over the inside of the veins and inside areas of heart muscle, causing a bad effect (slowing or stopping the heart muscle).  
       So it looks like digestion of lecithin is best to try.  Or an injection might work to get it to the brain to be used to make more acetylcholine might work.  Alcohol must also decrease the levels of lecithin stored in the brain, by alcohol's solvent effect of taking out nutrients and vitamins from the brain and body.  

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