To get best healthy bodies, be good each life: don't hurt or injure anyone, or hurt people's cars and things, and even stealing (counts a little), or hurting animals or killing them without humane - painless as possible, hunting, farming harvesting methods.  
       Getting a less healthy working body, and a weaker body for future lives.  A less strong and less healthy body to be born with, in future lives on Earth (or other planets).  Get Worse future bodies.  Worse future bodies to have if:  Many times it starts with hurting, hitting, pushing, spanking, your children.  Starts is when you start getting a worse working body, and less strong.  Less strong immune system too, so you get sick more often in future lives.
       This rule is for all generations and all countries.  

       From my great aunt who has lived thousands of good lives in a row, who died without sickness in her sleep*, and was never was sick (best body rule):
I never hit them.
I waited for them to stop being bad.  

ME:  How did you not get set up by others to do bad, or be violent for the many reasons they might come up with?

From my great aunt:
    Search for plots against you, or maybe bad thoughts to you, and then try to talk/explain to them.

(me: your mind can search millions of people's stored memories and stored thoughts using it or some type of mechanism in the  next world lands)

Another group of messages:

       I asked my great aunt:  Something like: What if they call you a name, or something bad?

       My great aunt ----> I don't talk to them.

       I thought: does insulting people get you sick bodies?  Hurting other’s  feelings? 

       I heard my great aunt think to me:  she never insulted anyone.

       I asked people in the next world lands helping me: anyone else?  Take a survey! (meaning: are there others who didn’t get sick and died in their sleep?)

       So they found one other who didn’t get sick and passed on in his sleep – and he ever insulted anyone either.

written  6/2015 & 7/2015

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