Bible Things Wrong?

Adam and Eve:
  Several races materialized their bodies.  Starting with a pair.  Then they were helped by people from the nwl to live and eat, etc..

“Ye shall smite the Egyptians.”  -  Written by someone who hated the Egyptians, not by someone hearing God.  He snuck in there. 

“Sell your daughter form 3 goats and a cow.”  
` A young society.  The people have to learn to keep farm animals, not eat them all up in a month or two.  Moving from a jungle society where anything is eaten right away, into a farm society takes some rules and information about what to do to have a farm society: saving and storing food, caring for animals for milk and eventually meat when it dies, -and for something to trade to neighbors – no money made by a government/kingdom – and usually no metal mines open/discovered.  So having a rule to allow a daughter to go to a man that was able to collect and take care of three goats and a cow – was qualified to be a husband that could take care of a wife and children.  So he has learned the farm rules to live, and moved out of the North African Jungle where they used to live – and they got the Bible to help them live.

“The Earth is flat.”  The helpers of some of the writers of the Bible, did not want the readers exploring over the ocean, and going into other countries.  They wanted them to stay home, so they wrote that the Earth was flat.  And people thought they would fall off if they traveled too far.

“It took seven days to make the earth.”  It took over a million years to make a mind to be telekinetic enough to hold chemicals and elements wanted for the planet, that were made in the sun, and to transport them into an orbit around  the sun.  Then it took about twelve million years to think the continents up above the rest of the planet.

POSTED 9/18/15

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