Freeze Or You’re Dead!

To The Police, and To Citizens for their information,


       I heard from a member of an elder generation*, that you should yell “FREEZE OR YOU’RE DEAD!”  That’s what almost all the policemen used to do in America years ago.  Or “DROP IT, OR I’LL SHOOT” –but then the suspect has to think to his gun and hand and to move his muscles to drop it.  It is easier for the suspect to think “FREEZE” and then think for his muscles to not move.  So “FREEZE OR YOU’RE DEAD!ß-- is better.  Most citizen suspects think they don’t want to die, so they “FREEZE”.   If “DROP IT, OR I’LL SHOOT” –then there is a decision to be made (and most suspects don't want to be shot), and an order, a requirement, a direction: to concentrate attention to move muscles to drop the gun.  The suspect might take the time given to him to think about dropping the gun, and think “I’ll move fast and shoot them” instead.  But it is better than “Drop it!”, or “Drop the gun”: then the suspect might think “I don’t want to” and not drop it.  But “Drop it or I’ll shoot” or “Drop it or you’re dead” makes the suspect think “I don’t want to be shot” or “I don’t want to die”.  Most have thought about, or heard of dying many times, but most have not heard about being shot as often.

      Yell, shout, “FREEZE OR YOU’RE DEAD!”  To any suspect that has a gun.  Give them a chance to stay still, and then surrender.  Not shoot them quick because you think there is a chance you could get shot.   

       When a gun is presented, yell FREEZE OR YOU’RE DEAD!”(<-best) or similar.
       If you don’t: you could get a penalty from some organizations in the
next world lands where you go when you die.  They could tell you to go to a hell, or your body will be sicker in future lives.  If you don’t yell it, you could shoot an innocent man who thought to move, or get his gun because he thought you were burglars (maybe “POLICE, FREEZE OF YOU’RE DEAD!” is better if it is dark and they haven’t seen your uniforms yet.


*an elder generation is a group of people that have reincarnated together on planets many times, and have experienced similar societies as ours before.  They have learned what is best in societies as ours (electricity, machines).

Updated 9/5/2015

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