Get Off Drug Charges

       Yes, you can win in court, and NOT have your money and things confiscated.  Or maybe make a deal, telling the police and judge: the American law - not the communist plan to change countries laws into their laws.  Like the 4th point of the Communist Manifesto's Ten Points:  "  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels."  Rebels are law breakers, those that don’t obey the law.  

       The True American law is from the Bill of Rights amendment 5: ". . .    nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”  Which means you can’t take any American’s property, unless you pay him fair value.

       In the 1930’s the government didn’t confiscate, take, illegal alcohol drug dealers profits or property.  It was considered stealing. The government did tax their profits.  Charged some of them with tax evasion.  But never took their property.  Taking money from alcohol drug dealers and their work (purchased by free American citizens) is considered stealing, and is against American Law: the Bill of Rights:  (modern language interpretation): “. . . government officials can’t take property from the people, unless the people are paid for it.”  “Drug dealers” are people too.  Property is also money.
       The rule from the next world lands for anyone that steals, is to not buy the things you want in future lives.  To go without, like a stealer made another go without.  If government officials steal (raising taxes too much, confiscate property laws without paying for it, high fines) then they will not feel like buying what would have been their favorite things in their future reincarnations. 

    And other government officials (Congressmen, Senators, Governors) that voted for drug profit confiscation laws for “criminals” (their fellow humans) have to go without in future lives

       If a judge claims contempt of court and sez you can’t tell everyone about American law, then you can claim freedom of speech.  It is not written in the Bill of Rights that it is law, until a lawyer or judge sez it isn’t!  Or it is not law if in a courtroom.  The laws from the Bill of Rights are for everyone everywhere.  Every building, every square inch of America.  Every American, even lawyers have the right to freedom of speech.  Any law that sez you can’t talk about something, is against the law of the Bill of Rights.
       American law includes the rights of American jurors (every state).  American law includes the right to freedom of speech.  The right of the people to deem, judge, determine, conclude: that a law is bad, no good for the country or state, not right to do to people, or a citizen has a right to not obey a law, . . . AND THE PEOPLE CAN VOTE NOT GUILTY, EVEN THOUGH THE SUSPECT DID BREAK THE BAD LAW.  AND LET THE SUSPECT GO FREE AND BE A HAPPY FREE CITIZEN, NOT HURTING ANYONE.  
       The word on all our coins: LIBERTY: the right of the people to do anything they want, as long as they don’t hurt others.  

What you might want to add to your defense:

Prove mathematically and scientifically that marijuana (Or cocaine, or heroine, or amphetamines) is not as bad for the body, or the coordination of the body’s muscles, . . . than alcohol is.  So it is a bad law for our society (state, country), because if your drug were legal, and everyone chose it instead of alcohol, then thousands of Americans would have lived, instead of dying in drunk driving crashes.   The drug you are charged with does not, cannot, lower the brain’s and body’s coordination chemicals, neurotransmitters, as much as alcohol does.   

Alcohol Vs. Marijuana


       Here's my comparison of marijuana and alcohol: 



       Beer destroys brain cells, marijuana does not.  Alcohol is a solvent - a chemical that can absorb and disintegrate things made out of other chemicals, like brain cells.  Ounces of alcohol goes into the body.  Marijuana puts micrograms of dust (molecules) in the brain, which does not hurt brain cells, and is removed later (most of it soon in a few months, although it can take 5 years usually!<--- To remove 100%.)  A month or more for beer hops chemicals stuck in the brain, to disappear, and leave you with your original brain feeling.  I have a sensitive brain, and feel slight feelings.

  Alcohol also takes vitamins out of the body, marijuana does not.  Alcohol causes deformed retarded babies (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), marijuana does not.  Alcohol decreases and takes away the chemical (a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine) needed for good coordination and muscle control --> moving your hands to an exact spot on a steering wheel, so people don't crash their cars and kill many people.  Marijuana does not decrease and take away brain coordinating acetylcholine, so users can still coordinate their muscles well. Alcohol releases acetylcholine molecules that keep brain cells electrical flow connected, and helps muscles move by enabling transmitting of electrical jolts through the muscles quickly by memories of how to coordinate, stored in the brain.   Without enough memory-coordination brain chemical amongst brain cells, then movement is altered, not connecting to movement memories as well.  And it probably affects a sense movement system in the brain.  And the numbness caused by less acetylcholine molecules in the nerves that conduct electrical impulses to arms, legs, etc. from the brain.  Causes less info, data, for the brain to know where it's hands and feet are. 

       Normal acetylcholine levels helps you remember all your memories, including memories to not drive drunk.  But alcohol could affect your normal levels, causing a loss of the memory to not drive drunk.   Alcohol damage for the rest of your life, by destroying brain cells that make the memory coordination chemical, and then there will always be less memory chemical in your brain.  This could happen in one bout, one incident of getting drunk!  Never have as many acetylcholine memory chemical making brain cells again*.  Get drunk once and a human probably won’t ever remember as well.  Or as easily.  According to an article (Science News) there are 100,000 brain cells  to make acetylcholine for memory of a brain.   I highly suspect that less of them are left to make memory acetylcholine chemical, because alcohol destroys brain cells.  So there would be less of those 100,000 brain cells to make memory helping chemicals.  Alcohol dissolves dendrites??  You can lose dendrites just doing nothing for a while, and then get more dendrites reading magazines and books.  Dendrites must be very delicate, so high chance alcohol wipes them out too. (I will research this for scientific observational evidence and report back).  Dendrites help connect brain cells together to think of many memories.


*Need Scientific body chemical survey experiment to prove less acetylcholine loss for entire life, of this already proven in some facts theory. Donate today! -At our new charity to sponsor the research at

*** With brain nutrients (lecithin pills- needed to make acetylcholine) memory and thinking can be better.  But it would still not be as good as if no alcohol drunk: no alcohol brain damage.     

       The brain shrinks as alcohol is drunk, loosing brain cells.  See picture of an alcoholic brain with 15% to 30% less brain tissue (Science News 1975?- will get sometime).  Marijuana does not shrink the brain, and either does heroin**, cocaine***, amphetamines, opium, coffee, chocolate, – unless you do not get enough nutrition (take vitamins and eat food), which some of those drugs can cause. But they don’t dissolve your brain cells.

Alcohol(Alc) verses Marijuana(mar) vs. cocaine tea (cot) vs. cocaine powder (cop) vs. opium(op) vs. heroin(he) vs. amphetamines(amp) vs, coffee(cof)

                        Alc   Mar   Cot   Cop    Op   He   Amp    Cof

Causes overdose deaths   yes   no    no   yes*   no   yes  yes**   no

*Smoking cocaine does not cause overdose deaths (crack is saving lives), but injecting can. Small chance powder could, if any? Probably more of a chance if mixed with alcohol.

** a extremely small percent might

*Cocaine was designed in “Heavan” to be used as a tea, or the leaves chewed.  So OK for earthlings to use tea or cocaine soda in same amounts.  (Penalties from next world lands ---> Click here - Cocaine Noses )

**Heroine, is from the opium poppy which was designed to be a tea or smoked or chewed.  Safer than injecting.   Placed on the planet for the people to get rid of pain.

FYI:  Warning about chocolate (if a bar given to a child (ages 7 and under, till the body gets to 75 pounds?) of about 37 pounds (age 4), It contains stimulants which they might not yet understand or handle well.  A 4 ounce bar eaten might make them upset, and start crying, throwing their toys against the wall, yelling Mom!, getting hyper, running around, etc.  A 4 ounce bar for a 37 pound child is like a   170/37 x 4 oz =  18.37 ounces of chocolate, which is 18.37/4 = 4.6 bars of chocolate for an adult!  So beware giving your children a whole chocolate bar, it could drive them nuts. 


The 1980s and the 1990s = 20 years.  Did cocaine dealers kill more, or did American beer commercials getting people to drink and drive their cars and crash and die?  50,000 drunk driving deaths a year x(times)  20 years = 1,000,000 deaths from drunk driving.  If they had drunk cocaine soda, and even (not meant by nature to be) powder, then probably no deaths because cocaine is a stimulant similar to coffee.  So Escobar or the people could have gotten the laws changed and saved a million people from dying, and defeated the alcohol drug lords: the people outlawing the worse drug alcohol!

Message subject could be:  Pursuit of Happiness

Outlaw Alcohol to save millions of lives in the next 100 years:


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