Immigrants $for Co.

       Is everyone for continuing 1,000,000, one million, more immigrants a year into our country?  Current law allows it.  If so, we will have less rooms for rent, fewer houses to buy (number of houses available per person statistic) -meaning higher apartment and housing prices; less space in schools for students, less water and food and gasoline if more refugees are let in, - first higher prices for water, food and gas, then shortages; then rationing like disliked 1.6 gallon toilets for water rationing. And the people in the emigrating country left behind, will have a worse country, because the new U.S. immigrants could have stayed behind to help improve it.
       America used to have lots of land and space to give away for free and almost no taxes -So live here for free, that is why it was called a free country. The word liberty meant the word freedom we define now, back then.  It certainly isn't free anymore. We will live in a possibly very crowded country in the future, if we keep letting immigrants in. Now we have to think of ourselves. Our future.  Many of us will reincarnate back into the USADo you want to come back to a very crowded country, or a nice one?
       Support immigration? Immigration can mean more money to some industries. That's why greedy lobbyists in Washington DC tell "our" Congress to let in one million immigrants a year into "our" country; for their profit of increased demand for real estate, construction industry products, cars, airplane tickets (maybe 900,000+ tickets a year), more liquor sales (a million more 6 packs a year?) which means more drunk driving deaths.  Short sighted, short term thinkers, see more government tax revenue from a million more tax payers a year. Long term: less tax revenue and more tax costs, due to increased water demand, road demand, unemployment payments, school building costs, ...
       A poorer nation: Salaries will be less for maids (Hotel industry), janitors, carpenters(construction industry), and other professions which will have an increase in supply of
people, applicants for jobs – so some will work for less pay to get the job.  Or companies offer less and people still show up. So the people will be poorer.  America will be poorer. This is what happened to other rich countries located near a poorer country, in past similar societies on other planets.  - I am a genuine religion-founder-medium, and have had help to hear the next world, and I have seen it too at times.  The next world of less dense, lighter density: matter and bodies (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock") to hear many people and minds and past lives* in the next world.  I can tell that I have known them before by mental feeling, which takes thousands of lives together to happen.  Reincarnating to meet each other, and living many thousands of years together, -total of thousands of lives on Earth or other planets.  So I am sure I am hearing the truth.  I also add reason, logic, and realization to know the truth, and make sure I know the truth.
       But some companies will get richer for a while; selling more products. –and they might be the ones causing congress to be for immigration with their company donations &/or propaganda for congress. 
       Are “our” elected officials representing the American citizen, who would like less housing costs, cheaper gasoline (5 million less gasoline customers every 5 years would lower cost if immigration was ended), more space in parks – less people there too, less people on beaches to visit, less students per teacher in the classrooms = better education, less traffic and wear and tear on the roads.  Our county’s oil reserves would last longer if no more immigration and no sales to foreigners.  20 years is 20 million more gasoline users from 1 million a year allowed immigration.  We’ll have to go to alcohol production for cars like Brazil, and rationing sooner.  –Or are “our” elected officials planning to buy alcohol companies and farmland while it’s cheap?  Like some congressmen bought drug testing company stock before they passed the drug test laws.  –Which are un-American, because you need a warrant first to search a body according to the Bill of Rights!  We The People, Not We The Bosses.  And treasonous elected officials making money on the laws we pass! (Many of them are headed for a hell I hear for passing a law for increased jail time for ultra-light aircraft transportation of marijuana across the border.  While many get alcohol industry donations.)
       Cuban and Mexican immigrants should stop supporting immigration of a million a year to the USA, or they too will have increased housing, gasoline and food costs; like the rest of us.
people should get rid of that stupid poem at the base of the statue of liberty, which has nothing to do with the ideal philosophy of liberty.  The people don’t want poor tired masses anymore!  France gave it to us, to remember liberty.  Never meant for immigrants, it is against the purpose of the statue. Not what the gift was supposed to be for.

Thank you for reading,

Good luck,

John Norris Maguire III
and others from the next world lands



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