Jesus Told Me

     I projected from my dense matter Earth body, in my lighter density matter (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock") body (which is contained in the Earth body, and is released upon passing on),  to some Christian landios*.  And remembered Jesus's past life walking near me.  And another time saw a giant Jesus (real one?) sitting in a giant chair in front of hundreds of tiny about "three" inches tall people, compared to "six" foot Jesus.  Or normal size people, compared to over 100 foot tall Jesus.  -I might have been tiny too, so I can't tell.**  He was probably meeting new people.

     About 7 to 10 months ago, I heard the real Jesus and he told me --->

Jesus told me He was going to say -> you can live another life.


** Many start out at a low landio, and their bodies are small.  Then their bodies get bigger as they move up the landios.  Eventually in the middle and high landios, the bodies can be fifty to 100 feet tall. 


posted 9/29/15

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