Karma is a system, a way, rules, of going through what any pain or hurt or injury, that one caused another.  Usually going through the injury (like getting hit, killed, stabbed, raiped, . . . cooking bad food for your husband*, yelling, not marrying the right one (usually given by the one who didn’t get married), shooting a good enemy solder (karma given by some orders (organizations), since didn’t have karma. Some orders not, since a war), calling someone stupid – or got called stupid because one thought it was a good idea to go to a college your “friends” recommended, . . .  lots of other complaints)
     A lot of these karmas are from various orders in the landios**.  Sometimes they might not be right, and other orders give karma to those orders.  Some can be small orders, without complete information.  Sometimes you don’t have to accept a karma.
    Many of these orders formed when some people were mad.  Mad people Wanted to get back at the one who hurt them.  There was no karma a long time ago.  Then an automatic system was made for people to learn to not hurt people or other living life forms.  It gives things to go through by mind programming or other, to make it happen: make body pains, in future lives, like getting sick, or dying early, different size body parts for a while, and your immune system not working as well so you get tooth aches – not being able to fight the bacteria anymore (See BEST BODY RULE, Click here).   
     Some generations have their own landios, and don’t do karma, but they do have the automatic system. 

Never do karma! – you might have the wrong: information, story, facts, or lied to, about info of the karma.  (They might tell you to hurt your friend, on Earth after reincarnating, to get him out of a hell (and it’s a set up to get you in hell.))  

*or karma to the husband for not telling the wife how to cook better.  Or buying some cook books, DVDs, watching cooking TV shows (Raychel Ray! Or . . .).   OR a plot by another man to break you up (told you to fill out karma forms on your wife), and he tries to go with your wife later, after she’s mad at you.



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