Kill yourself?

       After one kills oneself, they go to a hell, where they usually sit in a barren area, for about 6 months.  Not getting to go to a nice next world land, and no food for their next  world bodies  But they most likely looked forward to living on earth, and planned many things before they were born.  So some of the things they planned, might not have got done, and then they have to wait for a similar society on a planet, for them to try to do the same things they missed, again. 
       Most  people planned hobbies, and other things to do on earth.  TV, movies, radio, 
-we have not had on the planet for millions of years if ever, so this is the first time that they are available.  Many people have Indian and mid-evil and farmer and other lives lived with out machines and electricity.  So for many, this is the first time in thousands of lives that a life with machines and electricity is to be lived.
       Shooting yourself in the head, gets you a big, really hurts headache, for two weeks in the next world. 
Some people think they'll be out of pain forever.  

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