Letter For Atheists

This is some of a letter to Ron Reagan, son of President Reagan, who appeared in a TV commercial for the group Freedom From Religion, and told everyone "Unabashed atheist, not afraid of hell."

To Ron Reagan,

       I heard from the next world lands that a famous atheist was put in a next world land without much of anything, but above devils (criminals from jails and Earth, and gay men who passed on who didn't get a next world land to pick them up to educate them to like women again).  And I 
       By you and Freedom From Religion telling everyone to not be afraid of hell, you could be causing some crimes.  And even killings.  Not everyone is normal and happy, and never does crimes or kills.  Not all feel good and do good.  Some might have a disease which makes them feel like killing, and some might get an unlucky personality from being kicked around, so more prone to crime.  And some people might be possessed to do crimes by possessors (men who have died and want to do things: like take drugs, eat, robbery, or even hurt people; but haven't gotten to a plain, next world land, so they jump into bodies to do things just like on earth (You can buy marijuana, speed, morphine in the next world, and you can hurt people there - for karma credit - get hurt like you hurt another, if you injured or attacked someone on earth, or you can get some percent credit by hurting those that hurt others - and then feel bad that you hurt others - So the hurter remembers they felt bad about it, so they learn not to hurt others.)  So those men who didn't get to a next world land fast (like a religion can do for most members), have a greater percent chance of possessing people to try to do drugs, etc.  Thus, your organization you star for, Freedom From Religion, has a high probability that it is causing more possessors, because some who saw your TV ad won't go to a church to get to a Heavan, or even a nicer hell, right away; and they might become earth roamers, still seeing this world, instead of the next, which might take a few days, a few months or years.   
       So you and FFR could cause a crime or a killing and bad things to happen by some people who saw your commercial and then thought there is no hell.   Religions haven't been writing about hells for thousands of years for nothing.
       It will most likely be calculated, the harm that the Freedom From Religion organization might cause our society; just like was done to a materialist organization in the next world.  The materialist (a philosophy that believes in matter and chemicals only, and that we evolved from a chemical mutation, and turn into dirt after death) which promoted materialist thinking for people of the Earth, and to do without religion, and the materialist thought they would help make a better society, and get g deed credit and get to a better next world land as a reward.  It was based on a planet with a society a long time ago that did not have religions, but did have theories about afterlife, and was mostly older generations that knew how to live a life without hurting others.   So the materialists did not have all the right information.   Once the effects on the population of the Earth were noticed by an official next world land organization, they were put in a lower next world land without water and plants and food for hurting the population (they have to get their own food and water somehow, or start reversing their effects on Earth to get out of an empty next world land).   

This letter is not finished as of 5/8/15.  More later.   

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