A mind is like a computer, it can record memories, record music and play it back when wanted – asked for, record pictures ànd stores them in a big circle sphere of many pictures, it can record movies too, and replay them millions of years later; it can record life experiences, events, and you can go through them replay them with sound and visual and nerve feelings to sense again.  And replay, dispense, tell you about instructions; remind of, tell you about life’s laws (although you might have to ask it to, – but if it has seen you haven’t taken an “ask questions course” it should any way, but minds might not be programmed that way now).  Life’s laws are rules for humans to not do wrong, like not be violent etc., to avoid mind damage and penalties (karma).  It can remember people it knew before in lives thousands of years ago, even recognize them on Earth in their new differently looking bodies.  A mind can help you meet the one you wanted to marry – planned – arraigned- before you reincarnated – the one you wanted to meet on Earth.  help design things in the next world quickly; it can design a little in this world by trying to give ideas to your brain.  Many minds also try to keep you out of trouble, by remembering what is good to do – and get the idea or warning to your brain.  A non-damaged and therefore good working, optimum condition mind can help you go to, and bring you to your house in the next world lands.  If damaged some, you might fall into a hell, or get some other trouble, after passing on; – so you don’t want mind damage.  Mind damage can occur from being violent, getting fooled to do karma (violent again, hurting others) or fooled to attack others*, being mean to past lives, ...    
       You and your mind think together in general, so it is “you” thinking.  So don’t expect any messages on Earth from a mind, it will be you thinking.

       Minds can vary in design, different ones offered by different organizations and religions and generations.  

       The mind damage can last 100's of lives. Your mind that way for many lives in the future.  Some damage to the high mind capabilities could be permanent.  

Solders could get damaged minds too.  Although I heard they get a new mind at boot camp, that could replace their old minds, so then the old minds might be kept somewhere else till battle is over, and the new mind got the damage.  It could be you get some mind damage from defending yourself violently, instead of talking an enemy out of their intentions to hurt you, or steal from you.  Or other method (run away, claim contagious disease, playing dead or fake dying, jokes, offer drugs or cup cakes & cookies & candy etc., fill out job application for them, tell them they'll go to hell, etc., ...

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