Next World Bodies

       It is a world of less dense, lighter density: matter (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock").  So the bodies are less dense too.  And they are affected by thoughts.  They usually start to look younger after a few months, everybody looks about 25 to 30 years old, unless they want to look older.  Although some  Your next world    
Gravity feels the same, just like the weight of your body on Earth, but your body weighs 1/1400th(-??-finish later 7/3/15) less. 

       Or if your next world body is in bad shape (most wait for it to heal)(have you been a suicide bomber? ha ha), you can buy a new body at some landios (next world lands).  At one landio you can get a free body, but it is rubbery - stretches, or they think it stretches and it happens.  There are expensive bodies, and cheaper ones which usualy aren't as good.  It can take a while for the nerves to be felt.  

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