If they were legal, then they would be in stores and sold to those 21 to 30 years old only.  And they should sell lock boxes to keep it in, so children can't get them.  Although if you're married, you're noy really supposed to be smoking much - beecauze you're happy your married!  Although it's better than alcohol, which can make you hit your mate, and crash your car.  And get wrinkles on your face.      
     They take alcohol "legal" mafia drug profits payments for their election funds.  Then support thier alcohol-drug only monopoly, while ignoring scientific data proving outlawed drugs safer.   

     Budwieser - Drug lord of beer.  
     Miller (now owned by communist South Africa) mafia* beer with a happy broadcast.     
*bought their way to legality.

Lower plain devils control America!  Health insurance is from there, hoping to save lives from catching cancer early from law forced checkups.  Thr Iraq war was a lower plain deal.  Afghanistan war and bombing was lower plain deal.  

Cutting movie star women's hair short was a lower plain  . . .  

The lower plains do not know most of the rules of countries and war.  
     We're are supposed to be an Earth creation society now, everyone in the next world was told this 1300 years ago.  With our brains working.  

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