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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

       Unwanted thoughts and memories occurring?
       I had a similar problem when I became a medium, and bordered on the next world, between the two -    So I had to deal with the mental laws of the next world.  Which meant I was never supposed to imagine mostly, or it could be dangerous.  Because if you think of an object or a weapon going off, it happens and it is created out of your mind energy apparently to become seemingly real.   Imagined rocks hurt just as much as real ones up there.
       Anyway I was told to get my mind in shape, by reading and writing down things that were problems.  And it worked after a couple years, some right away.   I wrote down “don’t imagine” about twenty times, and read it each day, sometimes over and over.  And “observe reality”.  
        Someone who has PTSD, or unwanted thoughts, might try writing down "(something that triggers, causes, the unwanted memory to appear - be remembered =X) ... IS NOT the memory I don't want."  So write down "X IS NOT the memory I don't want." about ten to twenty times, and read it each day.  And “Don’t remember bad memories” and read that list every day.  And/Or “No un-wanted memories”.   & “No associative memories” (thinking some things are like others and searching for similar things, like fun firework booms are like artillery booms) Plus “I’m in USA, not Vietnam now”.  (although I guess veterans have a few good memories of the war  - so you can still remember them when you want to.) 
Anyway after a few weeks or months or years, you’ll probably have a strong mind, and  control of your thoughts and memories.  It happened to me. 
       Also, you’ll be prepared for the next world lands, where thoughts and memories tend to happen.  You might remember Vietnam and be fighting again – hearing bombs and shots, seeing imagined remembered solders shoot at you.  Imagine a bullet going in you, and you can damage your next world body!  True.  It happened to me, I felt an imagined arrow in my stomach – with the help of others from the next world to amplify the pain to my Earth body.  Because I was imagining flying arrows, and it hit some visitors from the next world in my house.    I think I put a few
people in the next world hospital, by hitting someone with an imagined car, and an imagined airplane went into a building.  So it can be very dangerous if you remember and then imagine mortars going off!  You could hit someone else, or yourself.  Many have to learn to control of their mind, their memory recall, their thought creation,   their imagination; and then they can live normally without problems in the next world.        Although there is at least one next world land that takes the imagination section out of minds, so people don’t imagine.  But most learn themselves. 
       You can imagine a cigarette, and it appears, but the smoke might not be duplicated atoms and molecular drug chemicals (nicotine) it could be something that appears like smoke, and then you remember the effect and it happens.   Hard to believe the mind makes billions and billions of exact duplicate atoms and nicotine molecules to affect a next world body (I haven’t heard about it yet from next world),   but it could be possible – but the memory capacity of the mind would have to be great – and we are limited to about over 50 color movie recordings in the mind we get born with.   So you Then might get a memory from imagined mind matter, instead of the real effect from lighter density Styrofoam like matter – lighter than our heavy dense matter;  but it feels the same.   Tobacco most likely grows somewhere up there.   

       Not as much fun as pills and marijuana, but it should work with many.  Ha ha 

Thank you for reading,

Good luck,


       I am a genuine religion-founder-medium, and have had help to hear the next world, and I have seen it too at times.  The next world of less dense, lighter density: matter and bodies (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock") to hear many people and minds and past lives* in the next world.  I can tell that I have known them before by mental feeling, which takes thousands of lives together to happen.  Reincarnating to meet each other, and living many thousands of years together, -total of thousands of lives on Earth or other planets.  So I am sure I am hearing the truth.  I also add reason, logic, and realization to know the truth, and make sure I know the truth.

Posted 7/4/2015

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