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                                             PRESS RELEASE

       Fraudulent Fraud Investigator: The Amazing Randi, owes The million dollar prize from his organization James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF, to a religion founder/medium in South Carolina.

       About 8 years ago, John N. Maguire III, a brain change medium, demonstrated possession from the next world to Mr. Randi. The medium told Mr. Randi that he would itch because possessors would make you itch. At a meeting at JREF library room: as soon as Mr. Randi walked in, he started to itch. And all Mr. Randi did was itch for three minutes or so, claiming it was a coincidence. Did he ever itch at the office like that before? Why did he itch at all, if there was a chance for the medium to claim it was possessors? If a coincidence, why did it occur exactly when he entered the room? The coincidence itch urge could have occurred at any second of the day. 60 minutes x 24 hours x 60 seconds = 86400 seconds per day. Odds for you itching by coincidence to occur exactly when you entered the room and saw the medium: 86,400 to 1.       The medium was possessed for years, and the possessors liked to itch at times. But the possessors found out he was starting a religion and had great knowledge for Earth to write and receive from the next world. Many of the possessors went to Florida and possessed Mr. Randi to itch. The medium is still waiting for the million dollar prize. And is contemplating legal action to claim his money.


John Norris Maguire III -Medium, Brain changed to hear ghosts (people in the next world), and past lives and minds and others.  Celibate religion founder of "The Truth", & the oldest man - first to appear on a planet.)  Took engineering economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Obliterate evil everywhere!
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