Permanent Alcohol Damage

    Alcohol kills and explodes the brain cells that make acetylcholine. 100,000 of them in the basil fore-brain (according to Science News magazine),
and then they very likely will not grow back to their original number, (Permanent Damage) which causes less acetylcholine (memory chemical) to be made for the rest of the life of the alcohol user - so the alcohol drinker gets less memory ability for the rest of their life because of one big amount of getting drunk, or even taking one small alcohol drink.

Alcohol causes Permanent Brain Damage 

     Near the center of the brain, in the basil forebrain, a small group of 100,000 cells that produce the body coordination chemical acetylcholine, which is the brain-body nerve transmission chemical and brain neurotransmitter, made from lecithin and choline and sometimes other molecules. Alcohol destroys these brain cells, causing less of the coordination chemical to be able to be made. Less coordination chemicals, then less coordination and control of body muscles and body movement: more chance of car accidents. Less of this nerve transmitter and neurotransmitter, then less thinking. And less electricity to the heart and lungs and muscles to make them work.
     Alcohol destroys, breaks down, takes apart the cell wall of brain cells. Then everything in the cell pours out into the blood of the brain to be disposed of. (Source: Science News magazine, The Lancet health newsletter, + my reasoning). 
    Permanent brain damage from alcohol ingested once can happen, because the number of brain cells in the basil forebrain never go back to the first original number that were there before getting drunk.  Difficult, or not possible to get back to pre-drunk levels of the number of brain cells making memory-coordination 
neurotransmitters (acetylcholine).  Can't get back to original number of non-damaged cells, before getting/drinking alcohol.  Some memory-coordination chemical making brain cells were damaged, as alcohol flowed through the brain. 
     So, less acetylcholine molecules in the brain and blood stream for the rest of the body's life.   You will not have the same number of speacial brain cells to help you, if you drink alcohol.  A small amount of alcohol might not make a difference, or it could cause the loss of one memory-coordination chemical making brain cell, so then less special brain cells the rest of your life.
     So, thus, permanent brain damage.

Permanent Acetylcholine Loss

     The nerve transmitter acetylcholine, which helps carry the electricity from the brain electrical impulse instructions (beats, breathing), along the nerves down to the heart and lungs.  And connects memories in the brain together, brain cells linked to each other more, "communicating to each other more - more memory chemical to connect them together.  
     Alcohol releases acetylcholine from the body, taking it from the brain, muscles and the nerves.  This is why you go numb on alcohol, no nerve transmission to transmit pain to the brain due to less acetylcholine molecules in the nerves.
     Lecithin is a precursor to acetylcholine, and is used to make acetylcholine in the body by the basil forebrain (where the speacial brain cells make a memory-coordination chemical (acetylcholine)). 
     Even though lecithin can increase acetylcholine memory chemical levels, it will not be as much as if no alcohol damage, because there would be less speacial brain cells to make acetylcholine memory chemical, because they were destroyed and did not grow back to there original levels.  So less thoughts thought, less memories remembered.

Idea to save guy/gals from death if drunk.
Recovering from alcohol damage.

     Eggs contain lecithin, and is must be a way to get acetylcholine levels back to nerve transmitting levels in the body. So this give eggs to recover from alcohol "wives tale" is a fact to use. Lecithin pills are available at drug or nutrition stores could be used as a life saving thing to do. Give the victim five to twenty (?-do a study or computation with data on nerve transmission levels and acetylcholine production rates with certain amounts of lecithin available) lecithin pills, and that should help them recover soon, as they lie on their side.  Might want to add eggs.  And a soy bean (high in lecithin) drink with vitamins (Ensure ).   (Fish and hambergers are helpful for brain nutrients, but take longer to digest and be usedn by the brain.)


      Alcohol causes a hunger effect, by taking out vitamins from the body.  This then causes cravings for meat, and to eat.  This then goes to a hunting instinct section of the mind, connected to the adrenalin making/releasing system for quick reactions and running - needed to hunt.  Also called "flight or fight", which is wrong, because it is from a hunting instinct, needed for fast muscle movement.  "Fight or flight" is for fear, (for those who have not learned to be brave (calm, strong, thinking, . . ) - so does not affect everyone.  This hunting instinct could also be felt as a violent urge in some people (adrenalin reactions and feelings vary) and didn't know it was for hunting.  this is one reason for alcohol causing violence - people feel their hunting instinct and might start hitting people, instead of hitting an animal they caught up with.  
       Alcohol can also hurt your memory in your brain, needed to do good and make good decisions.  It lowers the brain cell to brain cell connector chemical (neurotransmitter) acetylcholine, needed for memory to memory connections.  Less memory chemical, then less memories are available to recall to make  good decisions.  Less memories available to make a decision with.  So a person might wonder what to do if someone bothered them, and try to recall what to do, and only violent idea memories come up.  Not walk away or talk about something.  Or someone might think of driving after drinking alcohol, and not recall the laws, or the dangerous risk they have of crashing their car, and they might get in and drive.  


7/6/2015   &  9/17/15

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