Rules of War

       A country is not supposed to bomb buildings.  Because civilians might be in them.  Airplanes dropping bombs are only supposed to bomb in fields or open areas.  Bombing buildings in Libya four years ago, injuring civilians, has made us (the USA) somewhat mind damaged and a bit retarded over the general population. So you have to not be violent against civilians, to stay smart.  

       Armies are not supposed to fight in cities or towns.  Like armies during the American Revolution, and other historical wars where the armies met in fields.  Don't want to hurt civilians houses or buildings.   

       Both solders and civilians, are not supposed to hurt, or damage: eyes.  Private reproductive body parts too - against the rules of war, and against the rules of life (see .    

       Flame throwers are not supposed to be used. Or fire bombs. Too much pain.

       Treat prisoners humanely. Give food, water, shelter, mail. 

       OK to bomb: enemy bomb and ammunition factories?  No, there could be civilians there.  Solders are considered armed.  Those in factories are unarmed.  And if you shoot un-armed solders, you could get less intelligent in a mind (violence causes mind damage), because you should have told the un-armed solder to surrender.  


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