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   Save The Planet 

    Please save the planet:


       According to a Science News article 11/15/2014:  a zap of an ultra violet laser beam, and a carbon atom leaves a carbon dioxide molecule. . . (the article at end of letter).

       I am a religion-founder-medium and have had help from people in the next world of lighter density matter (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock") to hear other people, and past lives* in the next world, and I have seen it too at times.  True facts from the next world:
       The history of man living on planets has taken place for billions years.  Many men and women have been waiting two to three billions of years to see our planet’s technological society.  Some of my past lives told me that a technological planet society happens every two to three billion years on average.  So, we have a rare society which occurs on average every two to three billion years. Just about everybody has moved here from other planets, travelling in next world space ships made of lighter density matter, invisible to us.
       Hopefully we can make our planet's technology last millions of years and solve the atmosphere problems which have stopped similar planets that had oil and coal. 
       It is now predicted that our population will not last more than 200 years, unless we take the carbon out of the atmosphere.  We can have a technological society for many millions of years straight (without interruption - not going back to a jungle society).  WE CAN MAKE MANY MACHINES TO TAKE OUT THE CARBON ATOMS OUT OF THE CO2 BUILD UP FROM THE OIL AND COAL EMISSIONS THAT WE HAVE DONE. 
       Almost all life will die if we don’t take out the carbon atoms.  We can make machines to take the carbon atoms away from the oxygen atoms in the CO2 molecule.  And then collect the carbon dust (atoms) somehow. (I am not sensitive enough to the next world to draw schematics of machine designs). 
       We need research to make these machines, and then have every town, or rich residence, buy one or two or more.  If we don't do research, and make many of the machines: most life on the planet will die from too much heat.  Billions of tons of carbon needs to be removed, and can be removed.  We need to hire or ask, scientists and engineers with laser light experience, and molecular and atomic chemical education, and maybe ion, microwave, and magnetic knowledge to invent and design these machines.  And manufacturing companies to make them, so taxpayers and rich donors and towns can buy many of these machines.
       You might be really mad or sad when you can't reincarnate back onto a good planet, with doughnut drive through’s, TVs, electricity, computers, phones, running water, and maybe eventually robot farms for free food.  Everybody could die, unless we get these machines made.  You're great great grandchildren’s land could heat up, and not be able to grow food, and everyone will die of starvation, unless we make these machines, and you could be those great great grandchildren, if you get permission to reincarnate back to earth, from those parents. -Families and relatives tend to reincarnate together, many times through ancestors bodies.  So please call someone, or write someone, to start doing research, or make laws to pay for research for these machines now.    

Thank you for reading,

Good luck,

John Norris Maguire III and others from the next world and past lives.  Brain change medium & celibate religion founder: hear ghosts and past lives* and minds.  And the oldest man - first to appear on a planet.  And Icarus. Took engineering economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

*To read about past lives go to



PS:    7/20/15 I just heard our planet will have many hot days, until we start to take the carbon atoms out of the sky. 7/21/15: Then the planet will have help from a woman from heavan who can control our weather some. And we can continue to repair it while cool.



       If you’re doing a plan you wanted to do, to support reducing carbon dioxide emissions (plans made in the next world where you were, before you reincarnated), then you must change it. Because that plan can't be done anymore - we have industrialized too many countries, and most of the Earth's life is not expected to last more than two hundred years.  It was expected to last six hundred years - so the plan to reduce carbon emissions will not work to keep the planet going 600 more years. Too much CO2 from countries that were supposed to be farm countries.  Solar power OK.  Some of your mind remembers your plans from the next world.  Try to be for, support, taking carbon atoms out of carbon dioxide.



       If you don’t believe it:  Just calculate it out and you will find that it is true!  The carbon must be taken out; trees can't absorb all of it.  The carbon will hold heat from the light of the sun, and it takes a lot of time for those carbon atoms in the CO2 molecules to cool off.  So, thus, we need to take, remove, get rid of most of the carbon we have placed in the atmosphere since we started to drive cars, and used coal for heat and trains.  Over a hundred years’ worth.  We can return to the atmosphere it was over a hundred years ago.  Clear and pristine, pure clean air for all.   


       Maybe tell our country’s scientists, your congressmen and senators or government departments?  Universities?  Companies?  Write, call, fax, email, fax, telegraphs, mail, video calls, video files, drawings.    

     More oxygen will be made with carbon take out machines.   






Matter & Energy

Alternate way to make oxygen found

Process may alter view of how Earth’s atmosphere formed


With a zap, a beam of ultraviolet light can blast carbon dioxide into oxygen gas, O2. (plus a carbon atom –JNM III) Because the sun hurls UV radiation, the reaction hints that breathable air could have formed on Earth before the dawn of photosynthetic organisms or even in other CO2-rich atmospheres like those on Mars and Venus, researchers argue in the Oct. 3 Science.
  Though scientists had theorized that the detritus of a CO2 breakup could include O2, proving it has been extremely difficult. ‘The authors have made a beautiful set of challenging measurements,’ says chemist Simon North of Texas A & M University in College Station.

   Cheuk-Yiu Ng of the University of California, Davis and colleagues assembled a set of lasers that shoot adjustable wavelengths of UV light in a vacuum. One laser shatters the CO2 while a second beam identifies the molecular debris.

  Normally, CO2 breaks apart to form a molecule of carbon monoxide and an oxygen atom. This separation requires the least amount of energy because in a molecule of CO2 the carbon sits between the two oxygens, so only one bond has to break. But if CO2 is hit with enough energy, chemists theorized, its atoms could become super excited and form unexpected structures and fragments.

  Chemists predicted that energizing CO2 could cause the two oxygens to link, forming a three atom-ringed structure. Next, one of the two oxygens could break away from the carbon, creating a linear molecule with the oxygens side by side. Finally, O2 could break free.

  The experiment couldn’t detect each stage of this atomic scrambling, but the team did identify a lone carbon. The measurement of a single carbon suggests that O2 formed, though in tiny quantities; only about 5 percent of the CO2 broke up this way.

  Because the wavelengths that destroyed CO2 are produced by the sun, the finding hints that solar radiation could create O2 and other unexpected molecular wreckage Ng says.

  This method of creating O2 might have influenced the development of Earth’s atmosphere, says chemist Alexander Mebel of Florida International University in Miami. About 2.4 billion years ago, the planet underwent the Great Oxidation Event after photosynthetic microbes originated.

  If O2 was already present in the atmosphere before then, it could have helped form a livable planet for oxygen-breathers. But how important those pioneering oxygen molecules were is unclear. Mebel says researchers need to include this newfound chemical reaction in simulations of how atmospheres form.

12 SCIENCE NEWS|November 15, 2014


“Climate change could cause mass extinction.

     If climate change continues unabated, one of six species on Earth could disappear by the end of the century, a new study has found. Some land and sea creatures are already moving to new habitats in response to warmer temperatures; and scientists warn that in coming decades there will be a dramatic increase in the number of extinctions among species that are unable to adapt to heat waves, droughts, floods and rising sea levels. ‘Perhaps most surprising is that extinction risk does not just increase with temperature rise, but accelerates, curving upward as the Earth warms,’ the study’s author Mark Urban tells He and his team analyzed 131 previous studies on how plants, amphibians, fish, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates were coping with climate change. They concluded that some plant and animal species will die throughout the world, but that South America, Australia, and New Zealand face the largest number of extinctions, because many species in these regions rely on unique and isolated habitats and won’t be able to move elsewhere. If there is a mass extinction, it will be the sixth in Earth’s long history, but the first caused by humans. Losing about 16 percent of the world’s species, researchers warn would affect global economies, food supplies, and cultures. ‘We have the choice,’ Urban said. ‘The world can decide where on that curve they want the future Earth to be.’”

THE WEEK  May 22, 2015

The End



My ideas I thought of: after spraying the atoms with water, and then collect; or maybe magnetic forces, or ionic forces.  Then I heard they piled up mountains of carbon on land (might not be true – dust would blow everywhere.). – they must have mixed it with something or made big molecules of carbon linking them together during/after? the carbon take out process ...).  But we (my ideas again) could compress the carbon into bales, and dump them in deep ocean waterOr mixed with regular land fill trash, in every town. 

       Use Thermodynamics – add up all the carbon atoms – how much heat will they hold?  And delay Earth heat radiation escaping up through the atmosphere.  And take longer for the air to cool off each night.  Eventually slowing the heat release, and increasing temperature.  Oxygen doesn’t hurt the heat of the planet. 

     More oxygen will be made with carbon take out machines.  Another proposed solution:  Storing carbon dioxide gas. It has a possible escape problem, and is very voluminous, requiring many massive high pressure metal tanks or deep caverns.  Hundreds of billions of tons – it is easier to make carbon take out machines.  And we get the oxygen back.     

Posted 10/1/15

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