I know to be true, that an Alien species has big black eyes, that can see next world lighter density matter (atoms and chemicals) that make up alien bodies in the next world lands on their planet, just like next world lands human bodies, and houses and plants, etc.   Their eyes can somehow transfer sights of the next world to their brains on a planet.  Transferring the next world light rays to their brains, which also see the dense matter world light rays.  They can see next world life form "machines" that help the more dense matter world we are now in. The  world we are now in has life "machines"(chemical energy "machines" we become- like alien and human bodies, and light-chemical energy "machines" like plants).  Aliens can see a next world "machine" parts of plants in the more dense matter world (their planet).  Plants on Earth have an additional next world root system, and can be seen surrounding the Earth plants roots, like a light glow around the root.  Aliens can see this with their specially designed eyes to see next world phenomena.  They can discover unknown physics laws easier using their duel world 

NEW EXCLUSIVE FYI!:  Aliens have matter converter machines, that can turn sand into metals.  They learned to do this most likely after their planet started to run out of metals.  I heard we, humans, can do this too.  We need to do research, and eventually we can turn sand into metals too.

       To discover new unknown physics laws, a next world lands visions seeing machine might be able to be made.  We have made cameras to see our world like our eyes do, so it might be quite possible to duplicate, copy, alien eye capabilities, designs.  And see the next world, and next world life form assistance "machines" for plants and maybe animals and humans.  

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