Stephen Hawking Letter

To Stephen Hawking,

       Your comment about multiple universes:  have you been watching Star Trek again?  
       You're in trouble! - about your comment that there is no Heavan a few years ago.  I have heard that people in the next world with atheistic materialist plans - their philosophy and beliefs thinking it would improve our society, have been put into a hell; for hurting our society.  They don't have water or plants and food yet in their new home in the next world.  They are now trying to spread religion is OK ideas on the Earth now to get out (sometimes ghosts can think into people on Earth).   Although you're famous, and probably get to go to a "famous - next world land"; some orders might be planning to put you in a hell for telling everyone that there is no Heavan.  How can you think there could be multiple universes, and no other state of matter containing another world where we could live also?-containing Heavans and hells.  I know there is.  I reasoned it to be "must be true", before I saw and heard them (also read medium afterlife books, philosophy books, religion books).  I have seen them.  -Projected my next world lighter density body to the lighter density different state of matter next world lands.   Although just about all chemical reactions are the same as Earth world chemical reactions.  The same type of atoms there, but less dense, and they can react to your thoughts.    
       A state of matter that is less dense than ours, about one next world atom out of every fourty eight hundred Earth atoms is the density.   About 1/4800th the density of our planet.  An Earth body being 4800 times heavier then a next world body.  My estimate is based on the research of Doctor Duncan McDougall, who conducted it in 1901, in a hospital where many patients were expected to die of  tuberculosis.  He and his sensitive accurate scale, weighing the patient and bed, discovered that the body weighs less right after death.  The experiment showed an average of .53125 ounces less upon death.  This happened to four patients, and was recorded.  
       So why don't you tell everyone that there could be another state of matter, that could contain Heavan and hells?   You think there could be another universe.  Don't you think there could be a different state of matter, that we have not been able to see or measure with our more dense matter devices?  Is it possible?  If so, then tell everyone that Heavan and hells (another world) could exist.  And you won't go to a hell later.  
Thank you for reading,

Good luck,

John Norris Maguire III with some ideas from others in the next world

Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute  class of 1979
Took standard physics there among other things, before I started to see and hear the next world.
       I am a genuine religion-founder-medium, and have had help to hear the next world, and I have seen it too.  I hear ghosts and past lives* from their almost everyday.  I can tell that I have known them before.  It takes thousands of lives together, reincarnating together to meet each other, and living many thousands of years together, -total of thousands of lives on Earth or other planets.  I am sure I am hearing the truth!  I also add reason, logic, and realization to know the truth.

FYI (For Your Information, in case you don't have this in England):   

From    - 
       "In the 1920s, Dutch physicists Drs Malta and Zaalberg Van Zelst claimed that the (physical-etheric) subtle body is capable of expanding by 1.26mm and contracting by 8mm. According to them, it was composed of “extremely small and widely separated” atoms and had a density of 176.5 times lighter than air and weighed, on average, 69.5 grams (or about two-and-a-quarter ounces). The description that the ‘atoms’ were widely separated means that the particle density in the subtle body was low. This and the observation that the body could expand and contract suggest that the subtle body was composed of low density plasma, which could vary its density to some extent." (I put in the underlines)

“extremely small and widely separated atoms "      -This is true, I have heard that if you think right and know to be true about whhat I heard, that a knife can pass right through your arm, and come out the other side, with out any damage or skin tear.  It goes through the less dense matter skin and bones.  But if you think it is solid like on Earth, then your imagination will injure your arm, as if it was on Earth.  But if you think your body is light and airy, and things can go through it, then things will go through it.  But I think the atoms are the same size as on Earth, just more separated.   Your next world body feels the same as the Earth body, just about the same nerves and feelings.     

"the body could expand and contract"       -This is true too.  If you think "get small, or body be small" then it will if you have learned to imagine and concentrate some.  And if you think "get big", (while imagining your body bigger) then your body will get much bigger, even giant if you want.  

composed of low density plasma, which could vary its density to some extent      - The bodies are made of very similar matter but is less dense.  From the dictionary: "plasma:  a state of matter ... made from a gas that has lost its electrons from heat."  The lighter density next world bodies could be considered a gas, but they feel solid, and there exist gases in the next world as in ours.  So, it is similar matter and chemicals, and chemical design.   

       In East Germany, researchers doing the same experiment got the result of 1/3000 of a gram.  There are different orders (organizations) that give out possibly different next world body deals.  And some countries have different next world afterlife lands and mechanisms.  So maybe Germans have next world bodies of 1/3000 grams.  Or maybe no bodies at all.  Then they go to their German next world, and maybe get heavier bodies.  

The next world is contained in the same universe as we are in.

I'm going to put some of this letter on my web page.
Have a good day.  

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