Stupidest in next world

        Earth people wouldn't believe what some people in the next world do, even when told what the tremendous penalties are for it.  Broken minds, or fooled to think no penalties, or other crazy thing-idea from an evil one who wants to fool people.  Or they dream that others are telling them bad ideas, and they don't know it is them and their mind dreaming.  Imagining - you have to learn to not imagine sometimes.  
        Although there are some very intelligent humans, that take hundreds of years to read books and study, and can eventually design and make many things, and some who take many years to paint and sculpt very excellent almost perfect intricate paintings and statues, and cartoons (although some detailed cartoons by Disney on Earth that are close).
       And there are some ancient past lives, a species similar to humans, who have billions of years of accumulated information from books, seeing thousands of societies and governments - and can then tell which type of government and society is best.  They can speak over fifty languages.  

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