About 22 years ago, I wrote a letter to Mayor Marion Barry of Washington DC, who was arrested for having drugs safer than alcohol. I had done some research on alcohol, looking up articles on it on microfilm at the library, from Science News Magazine. Had a lot of articles on alcohol causing: cancer, deformed retarded babies (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), drunk driving, shrunken brains, liver disease, cost of alcohol use to countries - lost productivity, increased violence and crime. Destroys brain cells, decreases hearing, increases in violence against women, destruction of basil forebrain cells that make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (only 100,000 cells there to start), release of stores of acetylcholine from muscels and brain. (other articles from other journals and magazines here to.)

Read about, but no articles: It also causes family problems, violence against women, and children sometimes. Causes halucinations: delirium Tremens, seeing spiders and insects on the wall that aren't there, spinning sensations.

I sent copies of them to him by Federal Express, he was at the trial. I also included a brochure from Fully Informed Jury Amendment (FIJA, organization, which told of the jury's right to find people NOT guilty if they think the law is wrong or unjust. The people are the makers of the laws, not congress or the Supreem court.

10/1/15---> I heard he ignored it, and the jury let him go, but were controlled by someome (a next world dictator, or an evil lawyer mind thinking in them, to vote to find him guilty on a cocaine possession charge. )   


By keeping drugs that do not affect coordination as much as alcohol illegal, then more people drink alcohol, and then more people drive drunk and crash into other cars, killing 16,000 a year.
If half of the people smoked marijuana, then maybe ninety percent less accidents (or 99%?). 90% x half the people, = .90 x 8000 = 7200. Thus, if legalized, and half smoked marijuana instead of drank alcohol, then 7200 would live and only 800 pass on. So the law kills 7200 a year.
If methadrine and other amphetamines were legalized, then no accidents were occur from those users. If 3/4 of the drinkers switched to amphetimines, then 3/4 of 16,000 people would live each year instead of die. 3/4 of 16,000 = 3/4 x 16,000 = (3 x 16,000)/4 = 48,000/4 = 12,000 people would live if America switched to amphetamines. That's 120,000 more alive every ten years (10 years x 12,000 a year).
Same goes for cocaine, because it is a stimulent and causes some increase in coordination, but not as much as amphetimines, the numbness from it might interfear a little, but the brain is alert and can still coordinatte. Numbness a little for the Peruvian Indians to work alot. I heard it is suppozed to be tea, not powder. Not dezined to be powder, it was meant to be used as tea by the designer of it. So, if everyone started to use cocaine instead of beer, whiskee and vodkah, then everyone would drive well on the road, and no one would crash.
It is a technological society with cars. We need drugs that are safe to drive with.

Note: The founder of FIJA's past life helped send the package to Mayor Marion Barry, and then helped him there in Washington DC.

He, Marion Barry told the jury that "alcohol enters every cell." -in the body. That information was from a US government scientist, which wrote an article, that I and two ghosts and a past life sent him: "Alcohol, The Worst Drug". Head of the National Institute of Health.

And no more deformed* retarded children more prone to crime, 50,000 every ten years. *Facial deformities.


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