What is Time

       There are chemical reactions.  The speed of them, the time it takes, is made by atomic forces.  Not by a force of time.  There is a feeling of time passing in our brains.  It was placed there to improve coordination.  But sensing the time feeling, can cause an idea that a time force is passing in nature; when it is all varying rates of chemical, atomic, electromagnetic, gravitational forces (laws, the rates depend ob the   We see it happen with a passage of time feeling, a little ticker in the brain.  And machine (clocks) "time" rates can be made up with gravitational planet movement (sun dials), or gravity forces in sand dials, or water bucket wheels with a constant flow of water powered by gravity force; or atomic decay rates of radioactive atoms.    We look at things and have a sense of time while doing it.  We can move our arms and legs "fast" or "slow", and know it took less time or more time by recording visions with our brains combined with a timer-clock in our brain plus memories of what is fast.  We record memories with a feeling of time, but everything that we see is moved by forces of gravity, magnetism, chemical charges, ... not a force of time which we sense in our brains.  So time is caused by part of our brain, and the passage of the day is caused by movement of the earth going around - by spin forces, not by time.  
       In the next world, many lighter density matter brains , do not have a sense of time built into them (or the mind is sensed more, and that has no, or much less time sensation - but records at a rate, but much less of a ticker to tell you "time" (a passage of sun light has gone by, or your body has been working for a few hours), and a day goes by in what seems like 5 minutes.
       So time is a feeling from your brain.


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