What it's like in Heavan

What's it like in Heavan?   


       It's Heaven in Heaven!  But the Earth is nice and beautiful at times too.   There are many beautiful places and things to see on Earth.  It took millions of years to make.  
       In the next world of of lighter density  matter (less atoms per cubic inch of "rock").  There are many nice next world lands, from high low next world lands, to the robots and nice buildings and open spaces of the Middle plain next world land, to the paradise mental feelings of the high next world lands.  Then there is Heaven where you can go and stop reincarnating, generally after all your  plans to do Earth things is over, and you don't want to do it all over again.         
      Your country and/or generation could be different: a next world land to go to, which is nice, but maybe no "Heaven".  Just about all religions offer a "Heavan" to go to, then you can go to other "Heavans" later.  Most religions try to transport you quickly to there, so you stuck in your casket.  Ooooooo.  This is a problem humans have had, we now have rigor mortis to give some pain so the person leaves their Earth body.  But some just pop out, and some religions have ways to get you out fast.  
       Back to Heavan.  There are nice Earth like next world lands, where many people work, and some who have saved some money do not.  They work from three to five hours a day only.  There are at least one motel in one next world land, and probably more in others, malls, schools, libraries, grocery stores, roads, cars, magazines, big TVs - like the really big ones they are starting to make now on Earth, 3D TVs in a high next world land - better than ours, -a big 4 foot diameter cylinder glass/plastic container/screen with a solid no see through base of 2 feet high, and the rest goes to about 6 - 7 feet high, and you can see people in it going past each other as if they were real in front of you.   In the low next world work lands, there are OK houses with grass lawns, but less flowers and trees.  Then more flowers and trees in the upper landios (=next world lands) like very nice yards on Earth.  Then higher up, there are beautiful houses with beautiful statues, like an experienced sculptor could make.   And even higher up, are the middle and high real land solid plains, with robots that do a lot of your work for you.   ...
       One or more next world lands have pigs that are about 7 to 8 feet tall, grow very big, and wait till an old age before becoming hot dogs and bacon.  
       There are some birds, cows, horses (and horse races).  

       People in heavans and upper hells like to remember their happy Earth memories.

       If you are good each life, you get to go to the nice next world lands.  (Although if ONE LIFE: you were bad, or had bad luck -met the "wrong" guys/gals and chose to do crimes, or injured/hurt anyone: because of angry - mad, money, someone out of the way - eliminated, felt violent and did your feeling, etc. --->  Then many organizations, generations, countries, have you go to a hell first, to go through to pain of it or other, for a hundred (100) lives (I only know one organization's "go to a hell" number.  Others could vary.))   

       Also if you are not violent every life, your mind will work well and not be damaged, and it will remember to talk to you to tell you where your house is in the next world lands and how to get there, so you won't get a chance that you could fall into a hell, or possess someone on Earth, not getting to a nice next world land in time.  Most religions try to get you to a nice "Heavan" right away.      

       If you're good!  ha ha  So, don't hit anyone, or steal, or etc.  

       Additional note:  Sometimes it's less fun in the next world, you need to concentrate, think it. Some have to think "walk" to walk, until their mind does it, or their body's brain and nervous system works. Also for example, in landios, plains, where you can fly, you have to think "fly" and keep concentrating on it; and then think "fly slow" or "fall slow" to land. On Earth, we have airplanes instead of our bodies to fly in, and you don't have to think anything, just sit there and look at the sky and feel the movement; so you don't have a percent, a fraction, a part of you being distracted with thinking about something for it to happen. -On Earth you get 100% of the thing to concentrate on, experience. 
       But there are some automatic systems for the body, like Earth bodies, -so you don't have to think everything for it to happen.
       Some next world lands, might have concentration systems, and it is almost like Earth (55% sure for this sentence).

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