One person told me that she was called a name once when she was a man in a medieval society many years ago, and got mad and cut his head off with her sword.
       She was in the middle low plain next world lands, when I was hearing her on Earth.  She got her head cut off there, time after time, by "karma creeps" ------>  people who look for people with karma, even though people refuse it and might be doing something else, "karma creeps" hurt them.
       So she got sicker bodies in the future (see-click: Best Body Rule), as well as dying early the life after it happened.  And the guy who insulted her got a bit sicker body in future reincarnations.
       (She should have taken a walk away and not listen course).

From Best Body Rule:

       I asked my great aunt:  Something like: What if they call you a name, or something bad?
       My great aunt ----> I don't talk to them.

       I thought: does insulting people get you sick bodies?  Hurting other’s  feelings? 

       I heard my great aunt think to me:  she never insulted anyone.

       I asked people in the next world lands helping me: anyone else?  Take a survey! (meaning: are there others who didn’t get sick and died in their sleep?)

       So they found one other who didn’t get sick and passed on in his sleep – and he ever insulted anyone either.


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